Aerial view of RIKEN Yokohama Research Institute

  Our nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facility has two complexes, the West and Central NMR Complexes. The West NMR Complex is a building composed of ten hexagons and two core rooms, and the Central NMR Complex is shaped like a Coliseum. The complex buildings were finished in March 2000 and October 2002, respectively. Almost 40 NMR instruments are being used for protein structural and functional analyses.
  Each NMR machine has a superconducting magnet. We use the magnetic field inside the magnet to measure the signals from proteins. Stray fields also exist outside the magnet, and hence a large space is necessary to contain the stray field. The stray fields should not overlap between the magnets. Therefore, each of our ten strongest magnets is installed within a hexagon, which mimics the shape of the stray field (which is actually round). The magnets are distant from each other.
  The buildings are made of wood and are covered by aluminum plating; we avoided the use of iron reinforcements, which disturb the magnetic field. Due to the absence of iron, we could allow the margin of the stray field to cross into the wall of the hexagon. If iron had been used in the walls, then larger buildings would have been needed (If we had constructed a much larger iron-reinforced building that could contain all the stray fields from forty magnets, then the construction cost would have been much higher). For weaker magnets, an advanced technology has made it possible to significantly reduce the stray field by shielding the magnet. Actually, we have installed ten 600 MHz shielded magnets in the two central parts surrounded by the hexagons of the West NMR Complex, and seventeen 500~800 MHz shielded magnets in the Central Complex.
  The interiors of the wooden rooms have natural, unpainted wood paneling, and are quite comfortable for the people working inside. For pictures, see below.
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GSC NMR Complexes
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Aerial view of West NMR Complex
West NMR Complex viewed from South
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Inside core of West NMR complex
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Interior of Central NMR complex
Bruker 800MHz
Varian 900MHz

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Interior Map

  West NMR Complex: The floor area of the West NMR Complex is about 4,100 square meters. Each domed, hexagonal room is 11.5 meters in height and 15 meters in diameter.
  Central NMR Complex: The Central NMR Complex is designed to provide six sectioned rooms. Each room can be furnished with four NMR instruments. The Complex has a height of 7.9 meters, a diameter of 63 meters, and a floor space of 2,000 square meters.

c6-500d c6-500c c6-700b c6-300a c6-270a c5-800d c5-600c c5-800b c5-600a c4-500d c4-700c c4-700b c4-700a c3-800d c3-600c c3-800b c3-600a c2-800d c2-600c c2-800b c2-600a c1-800d c1-700c c1-700b c1-700a s600e s800d s600d s900c s600c s900b s600b s800a s600a s800e a400z a600z n600e n600d n900d n800e n600a n800a n600b n800b n600c n800c
Click for a view of each machine
Table 1: The number of the GSC NMR instruments
(by frequency)

Freqency (MHz)
17 (cryo probe 8 + cold probe 1)
6 (cryo probe 3)
14 (cryo probe 3 + cold probe 1)
Table2: Sensitivity of NMR instruments

1H sensitivity
600 MHz
1068 : 1
0.1% Ethylbenzene
600 MHz cryoprobe
5156 : 1
0.1% Ethylbenzene
900 MHz
2024 : 1
0.1% Ethylbenzene
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