The Third Protein Folds Research Forum at RIKEN (Chairman, Shigeyuki Yokoyama).




 October 12th to 13th 1999


 Hotel Park Lane (address, 4-29-1, Chuo, Tsurumi, Yokohama, Japan)


 Tue., Oct. 12




Dinner & Reports on the progress of Structural Genomics Projects in each countries.

(Crane Room, 2nd flr.)


Reports continued

(Lounge, 1st flr.)


 Wed., Oct. 13






(Crane Room, 2nd flr.)


Coffee Break

(Crane Room, 2nd flr.)



(Crane Room, 2nd flr.)



(Crane Room, 2nd flr.)



(Crane Room, 2nd flr.)


Tour of Genomic Sciences Center Construction Site

The keyword of this forum is the international collaborations of the structural genomics projects.

We would like to have a report on the current situation of structural genomics projects in each country in 10 minutes per person. The delegates of the United States might combine their times and present a report in a group. Please note that this report should focus not on the concept but on the future vision of the projects. It would be more constructive if you omit the explanation of the concept of the structural genomics projects as those who attend this forum are all experts. If you like, OHP transparencies and pens will be available at the site of the forum.

We would like to discuss what we have to do in the future to promote the international collaboration for 2 hours. This discussion may include your conception on the possible requirement to pursue the international collaborations.

We are to discuss further on the issues below. Discussion on:

(1) Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics Japanese structural genomics community is now planning to start an international journal ("Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics (JSFG)") that can publish the results of structural genomics projects. Dr. Yoji Arata has agreed to become Editor-in-Chief of JSFG. This journal is now planned to start early next year (hopefully April) as a completely electronic (or on-line) journal without any hard copy version. In the third Protein Folds Research Forum, we will ask the opinions and advice of the participants on the journal, for example, the editorial policy and possible editorial board members.

(2) The annual meeting of the inter national structural genomics community It is worth holding the annual meeting internationally. The Japanese structural genomics community is planning to hold an international symposium, "Structural Genomics 2000 (tentative)", November 2-5, 2000, in Yokohama, Japan, with about 200-300 participants. Is it possible to make this meeting the first international conference on structural genomics ? Are the second and third ones to be held in USA and Europe in 2001 and 2002 ? The International Organizing Committee is necessary.

(3) International Organization Is it good to have an international organization of structural genomics projects ? Cooperation and collaboration (or competition?). International use of synchrotron radiation facilities and NMR facilities for structural genomics projects. OECD ?