The Second protein NMR methodology symposium

Organizing committee

 Hideki Hatanaka [GSC, RIKEN]

 Yutaka Ito [GSC, RIKEN]

 Jun Kikuchi [GSC, RIKEN]

 Masahiro Shirakawa [Yokohama City Univ.]

 Toshio Yamazaki [Osaka Univ.]


 July 23, 2001


 Pacifico Yokohama, Japan



Session 1

Challenging to larger systems in protein NMR : The use of TROSY technique

Guang Zhu
[Hong-Kong Univ., China]

"TROSY based NOESY experiments for protein structure determination"

Arto Annila
[VTT technology, Finland]

"Combining information from NMR and SAXS measurements."

Session 2

Insight into novel structure information(1) : Chemical shift anisotropy and cross-correlated relaxation

Christian Griesinger
[Frankfurt Univ., Germany]

"Cross correlated relaxation and dipolar couplings for the analysis of structure and motion in biomolecules."

Nico Tjandra

"Molecular Alignment and its Consequences to Biomolecular Stucture Determination"

Session 3

Insight into novel structure information (2) : Diamagnetic and paramagnetic chemical shifts

Michael Williamson
[Univ. Sheffield, UK]

"Applications of chemical shifts in NMR structure determination"

Miriam Gochin

"Metal ions in NMR as probes of three dimensional structure -insights into desirable structural, electronic and relaxation properties"

Session 4

Combination of NMR-derived experimental data and structure prediction algorithm

Frank Delaglio

"Dipolar Coupling Analysis: Backbone, Sidechain, and Proton-Proton Applications"

Carol Rohl
[Washington Univ.]

"Application of the ROSETTA algorithm to structure prediction"